Do you believe in Angels and the work they can do?
When in your darkest and most lonely moment
They are always watching over you.

They can lead you to a sunshine hour
Giving you a feeling of comfort right through
We all believe in God and all the work He can do
But we do wonder at times
How he can reach all his children like me and you.

He knows everyones troubles
And sends one of his Angels there
For He gave each one of his children
An Angel to listen and care.

They work so hard to carry out Gods wishes
When one of his children ask for help to ease their burden
That we on earth have to see through
Just sit quietly and speak to one of Gods Angels
Who has been sent to be along side you.

We then say thank you God for the upliftment I feel
And tha nkyou for my Angel
Who worked so hard for you to be my guide

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