Ron Hamilton


Dear Paul and Carol,

Where do I begin? I was so saddened to read of Ronnies passing! Extremely! He was such a nice guy, and a wonderful friend! I was so fortunate for the opportunity to get to know him again in Hawaii! I thought as last we spoke, knowing he had been in the hospital for a while, and was ill, that he had probably once again, overcome the situation, and was back home by now. I wish I had known he was still in the hospital, as it would have meant a lot to me to have had the choice to go and visit with him. Now that my mother is doing better, and has been for a couple of weeks, it would have been nice to take the time to go and talk to him once more. Just to let him know how much he really meant to me and how much I enjoyed our time together. But such is life, and Im sure he knew how I felt, as I had expressed that in some of the conversations we had had since Hawaii. Though Im not sure if that would have been more for his benefit, or mine.J But being in the hospital, it is nice when those you dont expect drop in to brighten your day and I wish I could have done that for him. Good intentions…….

I have to say, I enjoyed the sightseeing tours and the quiet dinners and rides, he and I spent together, just talking, and getting to know one another again. He opened up to me and shared some things that I knew he couldnt say to others he was close to. It meant a lot to me to have the chance to talk and share our feelings and thoughts, about so many different things! He was a very wise man for his age! He sort of reminded me of my father, in the sense that he was pretty much, non-judgmental of other people. Never heard him say a negative thing about anyone, without coming back with a positive spin as well. I dont think he felt it was his place to judge others, just try to help and hope they too, find their way in life and to make the best of his own while he was here.

As I have said before, he made my trip to Hawaii an enjoyable one! He loved taking his company to different places and showing them the different sights…introducing them to the cultures of Hawaii, that he himself, had found so fascinating.

He was an interesting gentleman, and I mean that word in the most literal way! There arent too many guys that can be considered gentleman anymore. He was one of a dying breed. He just enjoyed everyones company, and loved a good conversation, memories and life!

I remember going up to visit Ron at his house in Bowdoinham and sitting and listening to he and Paul carry on about their antics as children, and the laughs they could share, and usually at the expense of another sibling. It was rather interesting to hear all the stories the two of them could come up with and laugh and share so many memories.

Family meant a lot to him! He loved growing up on the farm.

In any case, my thoughts are with the two of you, his children and other siblings as well. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray for your sadness to be removed as soon as possible…Gods speed in healing.

Love to you both!Linda

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