Gary Halloran

Gary, you were my friend for a very short time and circumstances hindered that a little bit of time that we had but I will always remember you for the time we did share and the emotional support you gave

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Jeff Potter

Jeff Potter I met Jeff when he was only 12 years old….he instantly became my little brother, It was like we were family from that point on. Jeff was someone you could always count on having his door always open

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Esther Ekwujuru Afolabi

Esther Ekwujuru Afolabi April 7, 1968 – April 20, 1996 The 10 months we shared as a couple were the happiest times of my life.  She was the perfect wife. She understands me, absolutely. I walked tall, I have reason

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William Richie Whaley

My dad – William Ritchie Whaley To the soul I know as father Whose life entwines with mine For as we live our lives together we are joined for all of time You love for me is faultless. My love for

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Ron Hamilton


Dear Paul and Carol, Where do I begin? I was so saddened to read of Ronnies passing! Extremely! He was such a nice guy, and a wonderful friend! I was so fortunate for the opportunity to get to know him

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Anthony Mitchell

Dear Anthony, You were taken so young from us, and under circumstances that I can’t understand. I have thought of you every single day and prayed you know I loved you. It was so rare that we saw each other,

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